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    What is the turn around time?  10-14 business days for standard finish TiN & Cerakote services, 1-2 weeks for stipple orders, 2-4 weeks for orders that are multiple services, and 6-8 weeks for polish orders. If your order deviates from standard services, additional time may be required. These times do not include weekends or mailing time. 

    How to I send my parts to you?   
    Please mail your parts to the address below using either USPS, UPS, or FedEx. See instructions below for important shipping info!

    Unless you are an FFL, firearm frames (with the exception of the SIG P320 without the trigger pack) are considered the firearm and cannot be mailed via USPS. You can mail us your frame directly using UPS or FedEx. UPS is preferred with special instructions shown below:

    Please include our email address (brazenfirearms@gmail.com) and phone number (330-284-5989) on the shipping label so we get notifications of when your package will be delivered. Basic (not adult) signature required is fine, but not needed unless your UPS shipper tells you it is.

    All USPS mail is held at the Post Office, and will show this when you check your tracking number.
    Do you insure my package when mailing it back to me?    Insurance is an option at checkout, and we are more than happy to add more prior to mailing if the request is made. Otherwise, your package will be mailed either USPS Priority or First Class, depending on the size of your order.  If you want another mailing service, or more insurance than we offer at checkout, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. We are not responsible for packages lost or damaged if insurance is not purchased. 
    Tracking says my package is being held at parcel locker, what does that mean? We have all mail held at the Post Office, please do not worry if your tracking info states this. 

    What is the address?

    Brazen LLC
    2637 W Comet Rd
    Clinton OH 44216

    What payment methods do you accept?  Check, Money Order, Visa, Master Card, Discover, PayPal, and cash in person. When paying via Paypal, please make sure that you have the correct address in your Paypal account, as your shipping label will be printed off via Paypal. We are not responsible for packages lost due incorrect addresses in Paypal. 
    Can you TiN coat threaded barrels?  Yes we can, it doesn't alter the threads and actually offers them more protection. 

    Can you TiN coat aftermarket barrels?  Yes we can, in fact aftermarket barrels coatings are a large part of our business. 

    Can you coat my slide or other small parts?  We can TiN coat any part that is steel, stainless steel, or titanium. We do not coat aluminum. Contact us for more information. 

    Can you coat my frame? 
    We will Cerakote frames, and do this frequently. We no longer TiN frames. 
    Does this coat the inside of the barrel?  It will coat inside the crown and chamber, the areas where most wear occurs. 

    Is there any difference in the colors hardness?  No, they are all equally durable and in the 80-90 range on the Rockwell Scale. The Titanium Nitride is much more durable than the steel it coats.

    Do my parts need disassembled?  Yes, parts need to be disassembled or there will be an dis-assembly fee. Glocks are the exception to this, as there is no charge for dis-assembly or re-assembly on any Glock model. We will remove and reinstall sights free of charge on any pistol. We are not responsible for damage of sights during removal/installation, as many makes (XD, Kimber, etc) are known for sights that are nearly impossible to remove without machining them out. 

    What is the warranty?  The TiN Coating is warrantied against manufacturing defects for a year from coating. Normal wear or damage is not covered. 

    Does the coating need oil?  While TiN has great lubrication properties, you still need to utilize lubrication. 
    Does the TiN coating prevent rust?  Your parts can still rust with the TiN coating. Regular oiling is still needed.

    What should I use to clean my parts?  Most of the time, a paper towel will remove any grime and carbon. If you ever have material transfer or a stubborn mark, 0000 steel wool with oil will remove it. 
    If I'm local, can I stop by? Yes! Due to being in the shop most of the time, we operate by appointment only. Feel free to contact us to schedule.  

    Do you work directly with other FFLs?  Yes, and we have a nice dealer program. Please email us for details.