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    Gabriel Cochrane
    Gabriel Cochrane is one of the owners of Brazen Firearms. He has a passion for all things firearms related, and spends as much free time as possible shooting and hunting. If you ever have a question about anything gun related feel free to ask for him. The only thing he values more than his time shooting is his time with his friends and family. He is married to Ashley Cochrane, and they have two sons, Iain and Duncan. Brazen has allowed him to work on what he loves while spending time with the people closest to him.


    Brian Orr
    Brian Orr joined Gabe and Ashley in starting Brazen Firearms in 2015, and is enjoying his work at Brazen!  Prior to Brazen Firearms, Brian has worked as an engineering contractor for a long list of top aerospace, automotive, and defense companies, but is definitely enjoying his time away from business travel.  Brian will be managing Brazen Firearms' machine shop and will be focused on developing new products for our customers.


    Ashley Cochrane
    Ashley Cochrane is owner Gabriel Cochrane’s wife of over 10 years. She works as the customer relations advocate for Brazen Firearms, so when you give us a call you will likely be lucky enough to talk to her! She is an avid shooter, as well as a mother to two awesome sons, Iain and Duncan. When not working with Brazen, she spends her time maintaining the household and homeschooling their two boys.
    Future Ownership
    Family businesses depend on passionate ownership, and our future owners have the best mentors available!