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    Brazen Firearms was founded with the belief that gun ownership is a right and deep responsibility for those who choose to maintain the ability to defend life and health with lethal force when met with lethal threat.  This right is upheld with pride by many, we daresay most, of our citizens, and no one who chooses to exercise that right should be made to feel they must apologize for their mantle of responsibility.  To that end, we are brazen, we are unapologetic -- we stand with pride, with the weight of responsibility our exercised rights have on our safer families, and our individual comportment.


    Brazen Firearms was started by Gabriel Cochrane and Brian Orr. They have an extensive knowledge of guns as they have been avid shooters and collectors for years. Gabriel Cochrane was a partner in the previous business, MG Precision Arms for two years, from the start of the company until the partnership was dissolved in 2015.


    We know that you don’t want to be without your firearm for a lengthy period of time, so a quick turn around time is important to us. Not only do we strive to get your parts back to you in a reasonable 2-3 week time period, we still strive to maintain the high quality you would expect. Which is why our coatings have a one year guarantee against manufacturing defects. We also pride ourselves in friendly customer service and are here to answer your questions personally.


    We are the company you can trust for low prices, high quality, fast turnaround time and friendly customer service. Thank you for considering us for your gun customization needs.